The Benefits of Accreditation

There is no single international TESOL accreditation. This means that a specific brand will play a minor role when it comes to securing employment abroad.
However, organizations like Trinity CertTESOL, TESL Canada, ACTDEC UK, and CELTA force accredited institutes to provide quality training and an honest job placement service.

Accredited courses are pretty much standardized so you are guaranteed a quality course and a reputable TESOL certificate. Especially when it comes to online courses, there are institutes that play down the importance of accreditation but have not been scrutinized by any major accrediting body. One TESOL school in specific recently upgraded its online course from 100 hours to 120 hours with little indication of having developed new modules. Even the price remains at $265.

Job placement and misleading advertising is a very serious matter in the industry. TESOL institutes aren’t employment agencies and some of them guarantee jobs upon completion of their courses. Graduates then find that the course they completed is not well recognized and the institute has a poor placement service. Accredited course providers simply cannot engage in misleading advertising!

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TESOL Certificate Recognized Worldwide

In general, a 100-hour TESOL certificate that costs under $300 is enough to start your teaching career. It’s not necessary to spend $2000 on an intensive course if you can learn the basics and then gain some experience on the job.

If you are interested in an advanced TESOL course, Ontesol offers a 250-hour TESOL Diploma, which is recognized by TESL Canada upon completion of a separate 20-hour Practicum. This program covers more than any 4-week TESOL course and you can complete it at your own pace during a period of six months. The course is online, so you can save up to $1000 on a course that is better than the standard TESOL certificate program.

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EPIK Apply Now With Ontesol

Ontesol’s application for EPIK, South Korea, are now open. Apply now, start in September 2012. South Korea offers one of the most competitive packages in the world. It’s perfect for young, entry-level TESOL teachers who just graduated from university and have little or no teaching experience. Save money and pay your student loan while you gain invaluable teaching experience and have fun in one of the most advanced countries in the world. South Korea is modern, yet very respectful of its ancient history and natural wonders. Visit plenty of waterfalls, Jeju Island, national parks, and more! A 100-hour TESOL certificate gets you $300 extra per month! Start your TESOL experience now!

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$100 OFF 250-hour TESOL Diploma

Enroll in Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL course before March 1st 2012 and type discount code TEFLWorldwide on “How did you hear about us?” to receive a $100 rebate.
This program is recognized by TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 upon completion of a 20-hour Practicum. Save $1000 on a CELTA course and receive 140 more of advanced TESOL training. Practicum is not included.

-Offer valid from February 24, 2012 to March 1st, 2012.
-Registration and payment must be fully completed before February 29th 11:59pm Toronto time (GMT5).
-Payment must be submitted online via the secured payment system using credit card.

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Congratulations EPIK Teachers!

1,100 teachers will start their 12-month contract with EPIK, an English program run by the Ministry of Education of South Korea, on February 19th. Congratulations to everyone who has secured a position with EPIK! We wish you a wonderful and life-changing experience in one of the most advanced and beautiful countries in the world.

This year, the number of applicants was higher than ever and EPIK teachers who have acquired an internationally recognized TESOL certificate of 100 hours or higher TESOL certification such as Ontesol’s TESOL Diploma, had a higher chance of securing a position with EPIK.

If you are looking to apply for the term starting on September 2012, take an accredited TESOL course online for just $285 with Coventry House International-Ontesol. Remember to apply early and submit all your documents as soon as possible to avoid being placed on the waiting list. Ontesol is an approved MOE and accepts graduates from TESOL institutes that are recognized by TESL Canada, ACTDEC, Trinity College of London, SIT TESOL, and CELTA. Ontesol does not accept other TESOL certificates.

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Lesson Plans, Articles, TESOL Discounts, Job Placement, and More!

Visit Ontesol’s TESOL blog for new lesson plans and ideas for teaching English communicatively. This month, learn how to use songs with adult learners and find a sample lesson plan to go with an excellent article written by Ontesol’s staff.

Take an accredited TESOL course with Coventry House International-Ontesol. You can choose from an entry-level TESOL certificate (Only $285) or an advanced TESOL Diploma (Under $1000). Receive 50% OFF on the TEYL course when you enroll in one of Ontesol’s accredited TESOL courses.

If you are still unsure which TESOL course is right for you and employment conditions in other countries, visit Free TEFL Job Placement for information on the top ESL destinations and TESOL certification requirements.

NEW TEFL Recruitment Network! Visit the TEFL Recruitment Network for more information on some of the top TEFL recruiters worldwide

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After all, why do people go on a TEFL adventure? Because it’s fun! So lets’ see what qualified TEFL teachers do when teaching English abroad:

Australians celebrate Australia Day pretty much like any other country. They buy lots of flags, throw parades and fireworks, cook great barbeques, and race cockroaches. Yup, that’s right. They even have a World Championship Cockroach Racing.

Thailand is known for its amazing beaches and natural forests. It offers TEFL teachers both natural wonders and an energetic night-life. It’s a wonderful place where you can never get bored, unless you’re boring!!
Those who want to escape the ordinary Thai TEFL adventure should seriously consider visiting the Shan people in northern Thailand.

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and Toronto was recently named the second best city in the world. Toronto is an ESL hub in North America. It’s affordable, safe, and fun! You can experience over 140 cultures within 10 miles square. Eat delicious food, dance until you drop, and visit theaters, art galleries, and international festivals of all kinds. There are plenty of parks and community centers to stay active all year long! The extreme TEFL teacher can snowboard during the winter, and windsurf in the summer.

Take an accredited online TEFL course, and start your TEFL career now!

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New EPIK Requirements

EPIK had accepted people without TESOL certification at the lowest pay level. Due to the number of qualified TESOL teachers who apply every year and EPIK’s commitment to quality, those who do not possess a TESOL certificate of at least 100 hours will find it very difficult to find a job in South Korea, starting on September 2012.

You can apply to EPIK and take the TESOL course while your application advances. Apart from the benefits of being qualified (Providing a better service to your students and making your day more enjoyable by being better prepared), a 100-hour TESOL certificate automatically qualifies teachers for a higher pay level.

This means that a TESOL course that costs only $285 can be paid for in just one month! That’s right, you can earn 300,000 won extra per month, or approximately $300 depending on the current exchange rate, just for having an internationally recognized TESOL certificate.

Entry-level TESOL courses cost between $250 and $350. 60-hour TESOL seminars are not recognized anywhere in the world and $1000 is a robbery in plain daylight. You can take the course online and study at your own pace while you learn about grammar, phonology, and the methodology of TESOL.

Application for EPIK September 2012 opens in April.

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What’s Included in Ontesol’s 250-hour TESOL Course?

The $975 tuition fee includes course material, professional tutor support, advanced training in Grammar, advanced training in Phonology, advanced training in Methodology, the internationally recognized 250-hour TESOL Diploma mailed to any location in the world, access to job board, list of schools and recruiters, task-integrated videos, video tutorials, and taxes. The same course costs over $2,000 at a Canadian university.

Upon completion of the 250-hour TESOL Diploma, you can choose to take a 20-hour Practicum. This is a separate module and the fee may vary depending on the center. If you are currently employed, it is possible to take it for free with the help of you Director of Studies. Ontesol’s Diploma is recognized by TESL Canada upon completion of the Practicum. University graduates from any English speaking country (or hold a proficiency score) are eligible for TESL Canada certification.

Trainees have six months to complete the 250-hour Diploma and those who have completed 50% of the program qualify for a free 2-month extension. You can study at your own pace and a professional tutor will answer your questions and provide feedback on your assignments. There is no deadline for completing the Practicum after the online TESOL course.

If you want to teach in Canada, you must get TESL Canada certification because 90% of the schools require it. TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, or CELTA are also required by the most reputable employers worldwide.

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The Importance of Lesson Planning, By TESOL Graduate

As a former TESOL student, I can’t stress enough the importance of lesson planning. Yes, I know how laborious it is to do when you first start – I also spent hours and hours on plans for a single hour class. But if you keep it up, it honestly becomes so much easier. Soon, you will have the basic principles of PPP (or TBL) locked into your brain, and you can easily put in material for each class and crank out a great plan in way less time. Honestly! I started out as a teacher on call, and sometimes I would have to make a plan in literally 10min – or change a plan in 2min! There’s no way I would be able to do that without putting in the time and effort to get a handle on the structure of a good plan. Good lesson planning is an essential skill for your life as a teacher. Yes, eventually you will probably be able to do a plan in point form or in your head, but you need a solid, solid foundation first. It’s like building a house – a solid foundation is crucial or the whole thing falls apart! Put in the time now as a TESOL student, and you will definitely reap the benefits later.

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