Surfing in the Winter?

The coldest surf competition just happened in the coastal city of Varberg, Sweden, where temperatures drop to -4 degrees. The competition got started by a couple of Latin American guys from Costa Rica and an Australian who moved to Sweden and missed surfing so much that they jumped on a board and swam out. Nowadays, surf equipment is very advanced and dry suits can hold these kind of temperatures, but this freezing experience is still for those who are in search of a thrill. Well, now you know, if you are out in your TEFL year abroad and you need a good spot to surf your day out, it doesn’t need to be sunny and warm outside. Just get on your dry suit after class. Now, when your TEFL students ask you what you do on your free time, this is a story you can share with them.

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Authentic Material TEFL

Authentic material exposes students learning English to the world of native-speakers. News articles, videos, movies, songs, radio clips or podcasts, recipes, and magazines are excellent tools for teaching English at any level. The key is to find authentic material that is relevant to the students needs and interests and exploit the material according tot he aims of the class. Take a professional TESOL course and learn to create lesson plans using the communicative approach.

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Know Your Recruiter

Do you know who your recruiter works for? TEFL recruiters do not play any role in the hiring process other than sending your application and other documents. Recruiters earn $300-$1000 per teacher and they all work for the same organizations because only a few organizations pay such hefty sums to recruitment agencies. This means that you should know who your recruiter works for before applying for a job. Don’t get stranded in remote places! Know who your recruiter works for, and find out if you can get a better job on your own. A university degree and an accredited TESOL certificate leads to greater job opportunities worldwide. Getting to your TEFL destination first and applying for jobs in person will lead to greater results!

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Free TESOL Resources

This week on the TESOL Expert blog:
Emily describes the TESOL market in Italy. She shares her experience in the Emilia-Romagna region with TESOL candidates who wish to teach English to Young Learners at private language schools, the business community, university students who take lessons in English, and those who wish to work at a summer camp.

Ontesol’s teacher trainers have over 10 years of teaching experience in the field and they got together to prepare an article that helps new teachers search for a TESOL job. The article provides six valuable tips that include preparing and updating your resume, researching quality schools, and volunteering at a community center where you can also take a 20-hou Practicum.

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TEFL Career Spain

If you are going to teach English in Spain, this is the best time to apply for a TEFL job! Mr. Rincon, an Ontesol TEFL graduate from California, has two years of teaching experience in Spain and writes about his experience on the TEFL Expert blog.

Rincon tells us that most schools hire for October, when parents enroll their kids in language institutes or private lessons after the start of the school year. Ontesol’s TEFL Expert recommends to work at two separate schools in order to get more hours since classes are offered in packages for Mondays and Wednesdays, and Tuesdays and Thursdays. Rincon also recommends offering private lessons, which are tax-free since students pay in cash and they are a good way to complement your salary.

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TEFL Low Beginners

Many new TESOL teachers feel anxious when they are placed in a low-beginner classroom and they don’t speak their language, or languages in the case of Canadian teachers whose students come from all over the world! This week, Ontesol shows how to teach English to low beginners using the communicative approach.

Find the TESOL article on the TESOL Expert blog, “Teacher Trainers” edition. TEFL Tips- Introductory Lessons for Low Beginners shows how to use pictures to explain new vocabulary and story maps, which are crucial for using the communicative approach effectively form the very beginning because teachers can use their students’ personal information to prepare TESOL lesson plans that are meaningful to them, and teach English in context.

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FAQ: Practicum

What are the benefits of taking the Practicum?
1-Learning to create lesson plans is the most important part of any TESOL or TEFL course. A Practicum is also very important because it provides graduates with 10 hours of class observation to help you critique in a constructive manner how other teachers use the methods learned throughout the course and 10 hours of supervise teaching experience to receive feedback on your teaching skills.

2- Higher accreditation. Those who completed the 250-hour TESOL Diploma are eligible for TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 accreditation. Qualify for ELT positions in Canada and some of the top ELT destinations in the world, including Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Hong Kong, and anywhere in Europe (EU citizenship required).

Where can I take the Practicum?
Upon completion of the TESOL course, graduates can choose to take the 20-hour Practicum at any ESL school, volunteer center, or TESOL institute worldwide. Our Director of Studies must approve the supervisor and provide the Practicum guidelines before you can start.

How much does the Practicum cost?
The Practicum fee ranges from $350 to $600 at a TESOL Center. Most people take it for free at the school they work or a volunteer center.

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TEFL Online – Certificate or Diploma?

Ontesol’s online TEFL certificate provides core training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. The 100-hour TEFL will give you the credentials for entry-level jobs worldwide. This course costs under $300 and you can take it from anywhere in the world.

The online TEFL diploma is one of the best programs in the world. The 250-hour course is an intensive program and you can study at your own pace for a period of 6 months. This program covers more than a CELTA or any 4-week on-site course. The TEFL Diploma is highly recognized in Canada.

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Are All TESOL Courses The Same?

There are certain grammar, phonology, and methodology concepts that have to be included. Course material has to be well-written and the assignments have to provide enough practice with lesson planning. Then tutor feedback is essential. A Practicum is an important aspect of teacher training, but it does not have to be completed right after the TESOL course. This means that you can take a quality TESOL course online and save big on your tuition.

When selecting a TESOL course find if it is accredited by a reputable organization such as Trintiy CertTESOL, TESL Canada, or CELTA. Then compare their syllabi and go with an organization that has been in business for at least a decade. Shorter online courses may give you the basics for starting your career abroad, but stay away from 60-hour seminars! Especially if they charge $1000 for a waste of paper!

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How to Choose an Online TESOL course?

Choose a TESOL course that provides a comprehensive curriculum in grammar, phonology, and methodology.

Unlike Ontesol, which was developed by Coventry House International to make its advanced courses available online, most online TESOL/ TEFL courses consist of short and easy modules. The reason many online TESOL institutes provide such poor quality is simply that they do not have any experience delivering advanced programs such as Trinity CertTESOL and TESL Canada. While Ontesol courses provide thorough training in lesson planning, most online schools ask trainees to merely answer concept questions and submit short essays.

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